September 15, 2012

I remember this!

I stumbled upon this box this afternoon while I was looking for something else.  This was a box of stationary that belonged to my mother long before I was born.  She gave it to me many years ago.  I have always treasured it for the softness of the image. 

September 5, 2012

The Unexpected

a perfect little mushroom growing on a friend's front porch
a duck with a doo we spoke to at Lake Tomahawk
beautiful handiwork we found at the park early in the morning

an amazing double-bloomer I found in my end-of -summer neglected garden bed
One of the things I love most about unexpected things you find, is that they seem to point a thought to God so much easier than the things we tend to expect.  Entitlement takes the grace and wonder out of gifts.  When we come across the unexpected, it is clear not only that it is a gift, but the sense of the grace by which it was given and the wonder that it was there at all, magnify the experience of the receiver.