August 28, 2014

Finishing Up Summer

We are at the end of August and the beginning of another school year...the garden is pretty well exhausted and seed pods are busting open. Vacation is over and I feel like I am finishing up summer. 
My talented daughter Alice painted this for me after we returned home from a week at the ocean. I have placed it so it is the first thing I see when I wake up.  I miss the ocean...I miss it deeply...
Finished up "From Where I Stand" so that I can get to work on this year's Christmas designs.  I thought this was a fitting final piece for the summer...
I know that as soon as the cool air starts cutting through morning coffee hour that I will be charged and eager for Autumn and stew, sweaters and getting new bulbs tucked into the garden. Until then, I am still drinking in the sunshine and zinnias!

August 5, 2014

Picture Treats

One of my latest treasure finds is a book published in 1958 about a topic I care a lot about....
I am amazed by how packed full of really intriguing art this book is. 
The artists are not listed beneath the pieces but there is a list in the front of the book...Barrington Barber, Raymond Briggs, Patricia Morris, Alan Stewart, Peter Sullivan, Justin Todd. This is only a small sample...every page is brimming and truly unique.  Pick it up if you can find it!
On another note, I am still laboring away on "I Dream of Heaven"...
Giving a salute to the tools of the trade...
Not all of us are interested in working though...

July 23, 2014

New Website!

       I am so pleased to announce the arrival of my new website, skillfully created by Julie Harris!

                                                        Garnet Goldman Designs


New Addition

This is the latest addition to our family...Sherbert.  Asher and I found him about 3 weeks ago, in our backyard, starving and mad as a hornet.  He is no longer starving and traded his anger in for pure kitten insanity and we all adore him. 
Ash and I also took a trip to the glorious gardens at Reynolda house recently.  It is a time of feeling like you are on another planet all together. Wonders abound!


May 17, 2014

A Good Finish and A Good Start

It feels good to have 2 pieces of work done that have been waiting to be completed for some time...
"Sweet Evening Breeze" color pencil, ink and watercolor

"One and Many" acrylic

Joy continues to be ridiculously photogenic and adorable and I can't help myself...
still doodling a bit and...
Have a new painting started based off of Psalm 126. 
All I need now is an endless stretch of Saturdays one after the other and I'll be set!

February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Valentines Day is one of my favorites!  This has been a particularly lovely one since we are all snowed in and we have a new family member who joined us just before the snow started!
This is our new 4.5 lb. valentine named Joy. 
My sweetheart surprised me with a much wished for copy of Mikado illustrated by the wonderful Sheila Beckett.  Lots of hearts...
and this beautiful book illustrated by Maud and Miska Petersham. 
The timing is pretty sweet for my Christmas cactus as well!
A little more here...
and a little more there...
Enjoy the sweet snow day all!


January 18, 2014

Winter Weekend

Blitz is the only one in the house that seems to have the right idea of what to do in a winter weekend.
I did some more sketching this morning and feel ready to reach for a very deep blue for Martha's skirt...
I got a base down and decided to hide the outline of bleeding hearts at the hem.  Wish me luck!
As a side note:  this is my darling frosty fern my sister gave me for Christmas.
Had to share...I love it!
Have a great weekend!

January 6, 2014

Happy New Year!

I don't make new years resolutions, but I do like the opening of a brand new calendar to head me into cleaning out book shelves, re-organizing life in general and checking back in on neglected projects and starting new ones. 
I was given a new sketch book for Christmas.  It has been really nice to just sit and do some breezy sketching.   
This poor girl is first on my list for color.  She has been patiently waiting for months.
"One and Many" is next on the list for paint.
We started this new year by having to say good-bye to our precious Faye. I really don't have words to cover it...
Looking forward to healing and making! 

August 19, 2013

The Tail End Of Summer

This is the last week of summer vacation before my daughter Alice begins high school. It has been a truly wonderful summer, but I am sitting here wondering how it managed to evaporate so quickly.  Thought I would add a few highlights and last drops of the whole thing...
My favorite view of the summer...
A sweet time at Lake Susan in Montreat...
My birthday gift of homemade green tea macaroons by Alice Jette
completed "A Vision of Eden"
got a start on "One and Many"
my garden was simply wonderful
and in between there was refinishing a desk, summer school, sparklers and sidewalk chalk, smoothies, drawing, a little napping and some long walks.
While sitting here trying to piece it together I feel like I am forgetting something...that is part of summer too I guess!