November 23, 2011

It's That Time!

Happy Thanksgiving!  It is such a wonderful practice to focus on our blessedness and to give thanks for every good thing.  It is time for many of my favorite things in life to take place. 

The light in the morning this time of year is so inspiring. 

I can't help myself.  I decorate my tree before Thanksgiving now.  I used to wait until the day after, but I just get too excited, and one of the luxuries of being an adult (with childish Christmas glee) is that you don't have to wait if you don't want to! 

It's time for clementines!
It's time to make sure the bird feeders are full.
It's time for me to clean out the bird bath.
It's time for the holly berries to turn bright red.  A neighbor told me yesterday, that when the holly bushes make lots and lots of berries like this that it is a sign that we are in for a long, cold winter.  Hmmm...
It's time to harvest my miniature pomegranates for holiday decorating.  They are a touch too sour to eat. 

It's time, as it is always time, for me to give thanks for the over abundance of God's grace and love and protection and blessing over my life. 

November 16, 2011

The Great Autumn Inspiration

Winston-Salem is blessed with Old Salem and Old Salem is blessed with the most glorious gingko tree.  We make it a point to take time to sit under it every year around this time because it is so remarkable with all it's butter colored, fan shaped leaves.  I've yet to get a picture that even comes close to capturing what it is like to see it. 
My Alice Under the Tree.

November 15, 2011

New block, Old Cactus

I completed the next block in my quest of block basket domination. 

My Sister-in -law Lisa gave me a gift of this Christmas Cactus years ago.  I have dearly loved it and believe that it must be in it's finest hour.  It is covered in sparkling blooms and I am really appreciating it.

November 9, 2011

A Perfect Afternoon

In efforts of soaking in as much as possible of the perfectly beautiful weather we enjoyed today, I lugged some of my paints out into the back yard and began what I hope will be a new practice for me.  Asher has a basket of old unfinished wooden blocks that children use for building towers.  I painted one today.  I put the date on it when I finished.  I would like to think that I will over time manage to paint every block in the basket.  I envision that by the time I have grandchildren of my own ( many years from now) that I will be able to offer them a whole beautiful set of hand painted and dated blocks, each reflecting a day or thought from when they were made.  Maybe I'm going crazy...

A Colorful Proclamation

November 8, 2011

Picture Treat

Because I plan on decorating for Christmas soon, which is far and above one of my most favorite things in the world to do, I realized a need to clean out a little of what I have accumulated over the year.  That usually means children's books.  One that I decided to pass onto the next lucky finder is an old double sided book.  One half of the book if Peter Pan and when you flip it the other half is Alice and Wonderland.  The illustrations were made by Marjorie Torrey.  They are amazing and very sweet.