August 19, 2013

The Tail End Of Summer

This is the last week of summer vacation before my daughter Alice begins high school. It has been a truly wonderful summer, but I am sitting here wondering how it managed to evaporate so quickly.  Thought I would add a few highlights and last drops of the whole thing...
My favorite view of the summer...
A sweet time at Lake Susan in Montreat...
My birthday gift of homemade green tea macaroons by Alice Jette
completed "A Vision of Eden"
got a start on "One and Many"
my garden was simply wonderful
and in between there was refinishing a desk, summer school, sparklers and sidewalk chalk, smoothies, drawing, a little napping and some long walks.
While sitting here trying to piece it together I feel like I am forgetting something...that is part of summer too I guess! 


  1. Hi Garnet
    What a lovely summer! The images that you show here are spectacular! "A Vision of Eden" has such beautiful movement in composition and the light/dark distribution is balanced so well...graceful, flowing, spiritual...
    I think of you and yours so often with best wishes

    1. thanks so much, Steven. It is a treat to hear from you! I hope that you and yours are doing well. I really love your sketches. It is like taking a nature walk and getting to really look at things.